Car Buying Tips


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Car Buying Tips

I am in the market for a new Toyota (Camry, Rav4, Sienna or Highlander) and this is the 1st time I would be purchasing a car on my own. Can someone offer tips to get the best price on a car? Nowadays, with the economy, is it possible to get cars at or near invoice price with the dealer throwing in an alarm and remote starter for free? Can you negotiate option pricing? How should I approach this?

Can you negotiate loan terms too? If a dealer is offering 1.9APY for 3 years, can I request for 1.9 for 5 years?
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In my mind (will have to wait for someone in the business to confirm this) everything is negotiable given the current market.

Before I plunked down money on a new car, though, I would be looking seriously at a good low-mileage, late model used one. There are plenty out there and the original owner has already coughed up the thousands of dollars in depreciation that happened as soon as it was driven off the lot. Just make sure you a vehicle report like CarFax (get your own, don't accept at face value one handed you).

P.S. Buy the Camry, with a 4 -cylinder.
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I know this isn't what your looking for but dodge chrysler and jeep are all very cheap now. Dealers are making sales in hopes that they won't be one of the dealerships to be shut down. I saw an advertisement of a local dealer saying he was selling new vehicles w/ 3-10k dollars off the price. Pluse special financing. But I agree I would look into buying used 08 or something of that nature.

My dad a few yrs back went looking for a used vehicle. He went to the first dealer, he gave them a price that he wanted to spend on that vehicle, they said no, he said ok I am leaving. He got about 5 miles away and they called his cell phone. He was on the way to the next dealer. To make a long story short, he had 2 dealers arguing w/ each other and he got 6k dollars off the asking price.
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One of the older tips is to shop near the end of the month, too, when they're trying to make sales quota. In some cases I would be careful of the make/model I was looking at; they could be orphans next year.
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If you are good friends with a mechanic/ car dealer who goes to auctions, they might be able to help you with an off-lease vehicle.

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