car shuddered then died


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car shuddered then died

hey all. if there is anyone who knows something about dodges would help greatly. alright, my roomates mom has a 200 dodge grand caravan with either a 3.0 or a 3.3 v6. im going tomorrow to look at it and see what i can find as a problem. she called last night and said she was driving down the causeway and the check engine light came on and about 15 seconds after it came on the car started shuddering and then died. she had gas in her tank so i know it wasnt that. if someone could give me a list of possibilities of what it could be. i have some ideas but maybe yall could help me. a quick reply would be appriciated. Thx again

btw. after i look at it tomorrow i will post back with updates to help norrow down the search of what it is
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I had a car shutter and stall once when I was slowing down. it turned out to be a faulty transmission that would hang in gear and stall the motor. The lock up torque convertor was the culprit. I disconnected it and drove it for a few more years.
Your problem could be a bad fuel pump, see if you can smell fuel while cranking the motor.
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ya i agree that was one of my first thoughts. either a fuel pump or maybe a cloged line and the engine suffercated. i dont know exactly what happened cuz she was very vauge when she described it to me.
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Change the fuel filter, first, then go to the working components. Hopefully it is something simple. Good luck.

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Give us the year again, redneck? 200?

Going to need to pull codes. Own/beg/borrow/steal a reader?

Fuel pump would be on the list, but the list could be pretty long; clogged cat, slipped timing belt, engine-driven acceessory failed. Lots of possibilities.

Be sure to post back your findings.
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its a 2000, sry i thought i put it down instead of 200. im leaving now to check on it. ill post back later tonight with codes and everything else i find with it. thx again for all yalls help
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ok got the codes. its p0122, p0106, and p1496. i looked at the car also and seen that thr throttle body needed to be cleaned. ima clean that and maybe someone might come up with somthing
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122= TPS sensor
106= Map sensor
1496= loss of 5v reference Voltage from PCM

Just a thought, But map and TPS share a common 5 volt feed, from the PCM.....As well as sensor ground circuit...

Disconnect both TPS and Map Sensor electrical connectors....Disconnect the battery , count to ten and reconnect the battery.....Leave the sensors unplugged!!!!!

Get in the van, and without starting it cycle the Ignition Key...ON -OFF-ON- Off -ON.... PO codes will be displayed in the Odometer window......

Does 1496 return with the sensors unplugged????

No = 1 or both of the sensors are shorted to ground,
Yes = PCM has Gone on Vacation and must be replaced.
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yep, unclediezel. u were right. when i pulled the codes, i seen the throttle sensor and map sensor. the codes also showed that the barometric pressures were out of spec. i bounced some ideas off a friend of mine and between the two of us we came up with the conclusion that it was the throttle sensor. with the sensor malfunctioning the map sensor is also "confused" causing it to read the barometric pressures wrong and causing this whole mess. the family i helped was in a tight spot with money so i went ahead and replaced the part for them and no more codes and the van runs great. thx for all yalls help

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