Squealing Power Steering Belt


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Squealing Power Steering Belt

Son's girlfriend just bought a 2005 Hyuandi Elantra with ~50k miles.

After the car has sat for a few hours the belt will squeal with the slightest movement, either direction. If you continue to turn the wheel you can see the pump slow and even stop. After driving a short distance the squealing stops and all is fine.

1) Belt seems tight and looks like brand new, no cracks.

2) Fluid is on the full mark.

He let it warm up today for 10 minutes before moving and not a peep from the belt, drove just fine.

I would think if it was the belt it would do it all the time, it doesn't. Could the pump be going bad? She is only 800 miles into the 5,000 mile warranty.

I do know one thing, you couldn't pay me enough to work on these new cars.....I could only see one spark plug.


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well how I would go about this is... remove the belt... spin the pump with your hand.. should spin freely.. if it dont I would look into a new pump... but I would believe its the belt itself as it warms the belt's rubber softens causing it to grab better... But in the process of removal of the belt if it has a belt tensioner.. that could be gone as well.. so check the belt for belt deflection and see if it is spec... because you should get this fixed right away.. as your water pump could be belt driven and slipping as well and causing the car to soon overheat
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Try another belt, or tension could be to tight. Usually if the squealing continues all the time or when you turn the wheel, then the pump is bad.
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You didn't call Car Talk about this, did you..lol. They had the exact same question. Answers were as given here. Remove belt, check pump, try new belt (if its a serpentine belt, prob not the problem, but cheap and easy to replace normally). Drain and replace steering fluid.

Has it still been cold up there?

Oh...and since it still has a warranty...get the seller to do it!
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He did call Car Talk but it hasn't aired yet, maybe saturday.

He showed it to his uncle (used to own his own service station) and he thought the belt was fine, too.

Guess not. She took it back to the dealer, they tightened the belt and all is fine. I don't think it's a serpentine belt, just the regular old skinny type.



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