car vibrates when steering wheel is turned


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Talking car vibrates when steering wheel is turned

I have a 2002, 3.3L V6 Dodge Grand Caravan. My van would vibrate and groan when we turned the steering wheel. We have had the power steering fluid pump and the rack and pinion (sp?) replaced twice in the past year. After they did all that it was alot better, but, it still vibrates some on the passenger side when we cut the wheel. It is worse when we turn right than when we turn left. My mechanic isn't sure what is wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.
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first guess would be a strut bearing. need more info, Where is noise coming from, wheel area, engine???
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.....The reservoir is too small.....

There is a Technical Service bulletin for this situation, which involves replacing the reservoir and adding a Power steering cooler and Longer hoses... To the tune of almost 300$....

The Cheap ."Poor Man" , and "Disgusted with my mechanic" fix , is too simply OVERFILL the reservoir.

When the car is parked and sitting, the fluid is level. When you start it, there is a momentary "Lag " in fluid. This allows the air in the top of the reservoir to Be Funneled, or "Whirlpooled down and ingested into the pump. Once the pump sucks air, it Transmits it throughout the system, and That is what causes your Chatter, Honk, groan , growl ,or whine noises.
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Just my .02 cents but I once had a Caravan and had a similar turned out to be a bad engine mount.
Whenever I turned in one direction the engine would ground out and rub right against the frame and make make a loud groan and virbrate.......I was sure it was a bad wheel bearing and bought a new bearing for $70.00 bucks and was stunned that I still had the same noise.......just a cheap engine mount.

Anyway, just my .02 cents worth.
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I hear it mostly on the front passenger side, but I can feel the vibration in the back seat also.

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