How can I fix my car


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How can I fix my car

Hi my name is Aleixo. I have one 1984 Mercedes Benz 190E, I have lot of questions but just one question now. It don't passed on inspection for high gas emission somethink like 2.46 co2 but the normal is 0.5 co2. I tried fix it myself making ajusts on full injection air ajust and idller speed control, but nothing yet. It working with 1250rpm supost 750rpm, I can't ajust the speed to 750rpm. I have that repair manual but it don't help me. If some one can help me please. Thak you guys
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Your car is 25 years old. It likely will have a tough time passing any emissions testing in the US.
Did you change the O2 sensor if it has one?
Catalytic Converter blocked?
Why is it idling so high?
Is the EGR system in check and working?

Check the easy ones first.
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Find the vacuum leak.....................

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