2001 Saturn Transmission Problem


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2001 Saturn Transmission Problem

I have a 2001 Saturn SL2, 1.9 liter engine, 4 speed automatic transmission. When shifting from 2nd gear up to 3rd it will slip for a second ,then shift in hard, jerking the car. it also slips shifting from 3rd down to 2nd, and when shifting from park into reverse (normal idle speed, nothing wrong there). i have changed trans fluid, the old one was clean and clear.
any known problems with that cars trans, and a diy fix? Thanks for any Info,

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If the unit is slipping there's an issue. You are also experiencing "Bang-Shifting" which is not good at all.
Has the unit ever over heated?
Did you change the filter when the pan was off?
Was there any metal filings?

It could be a shift modulator in the valve body / accumulator spring.
It's hard to say but the problem sounds serious.
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Fluid filter and all the "FLUSHES IN THE WORLD" will not repair a daamged clutch pak.........

Its time to have the unit professionally serviced.....
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I agree,
If you don't know how an auto trans works, you should take it in to a reputable shop. It sounds like clutch pack / valve body issues. When it's bang shifting, it could easily mean a fatal issue for the unit.

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