2006 Honda Accord Brake question


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2006 Honda Accord Brake question

Back again to this nice forum to help auto dummies like myself.
Have a 2006 Honda Accord 6 cyl EX that was in my local Honda dealership this week for routine oil change and tire rotation. Mileage 29,900 miles. Get a call from service advisor and he informs me that rear brakes need replacing. These are disc brakes. Does this sound correct? Are there brake issues with this model Honda? Service advisor stated that Honda may have a design issue with an undersized brake for the application but of course this was just his opinion. What do the Honda experts say and any course of action to take?

Thanks for reading and any insight/advice.

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Not a Honda expert, but if the brakes are worn out, they will have to be replaced, obviously.

However, 30,000 of normal driving shouldn't wear out a set of pads. Normal driving would be a mix of city (heavy stop and go) and open road driving. The type of driving will make a big difference since it impacts the useage of the brakes.

You might go to a longer service interval brake pad. Also have the calipers checked for proper slide and releasing.
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rear brakes have been a issue wearing out early. The dealer is most likley correct.

You might tweak the dealership for some "good Will" adjustment.

I have a '07 ,and am interested in how you make out.
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hey guys

I do appreciate the prompt replies. I would like to hear from any resident Honda experts about this model/issue. It just seems that 30K for rear brakes is extremely premature. While not an emergency, of course they will have to be replaced in the next several mths.

I will discuss with my backup Honda repair shop who is a hands on former Honda service mgr who specializes in Honda repairs and performs my work on my older Honda cars and who I trust totally without question. Not to offend, just don't have the same level of confidence with Honda dealers.

Thanks again.
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Might try some high-quality aftermarket parts vice the oem stuff.
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Sounds Feasible......

You didnt mention where you live, But consider this.....

Downtown Traffic, stop and go , in NYC......30,000 miles is a GIFT.
Pocono Mountains, Down hill at a 45 dgree grade, in stop and Go traffic....30,000 is a gift....Highway driving on a flat road, hitting the brakes 3 times in an Hour.......30,000 May be a bit on the "rapid wear " column.

It depends on your FEET........

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