Sputtering and Stalling if warm


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Sputtering and Stalling if warm


I have a '94 Ford Taurus 3.8L and have basically two issues with it.

1. the Car sputters and stalls if warm. Let's say I drove a little while and stop at the Gas station to get a soda or so. It takes not longer than 5 minutes and when I come back and try to start the car it sputters and stalls and most of the time it dies. Its also blowing out black smoke. What could that be or better what do I have to fix?

2. If on neutral for example the Car won't rev all the way up when I hit the accelarator about half way it sputters like there is a blockage build in but when I drive it .... its not a problem.

Thanks for all your help
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It could a couple of things (or more).

You could have one or more leaking injectors. When you shut the car off the leakage goes past the injectors into the intake = semi-flooded condition. Once you clear the extra fuel out the engine may seem to run OK.

You could have poor fuel pressure = pump or fuel pressure regulator. At around 40 or 50 lbs of pressure fuel has a hard time vaporizing in the fuel rail. When something has allowed the pressure to either not be generated or bleeds off the fuel will vaporize easily. Until the vaporized fuel is cleared out of the injector rail you can get a semi-flooded condition = rough running and hard warm engine starting.

Either condition will take you to a mechanic to check the fuel pressure or the injector leakage.

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