need help with belt tensioner


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need help with belt tensioner

my wifes 2000 chyrsler town and country has a high pitched squealing noise coming from the belt area. Sounds like bearings wore out and about to freeze up. Hard to tell right where its coming from, but for sure its getting louder and worse,and would like to fix it before it blows. Sounds like its more in the tensioner area than anywhere else, but hard to tell for sure. But it does look like there is a tiny little wobble at the tensioner. I'm sure someone here has had this problem and wondering how hard the tensioner is to replace on this model.....Sure would appreciate any help with this...thanks ...PS, i recently replaced the serpintine belt,although the old one looked as good as the new one...thinking that was the cause of the noise but it did'nt help, and has gotten worse over time...the belt does not nor never has jumped off the pulleys
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before you throw a tensioner at it confirm the problem. tensioners are supposed to "wiggle" a very slight bit but any more than an 1/8 inch or so is abnormal. do this simple test before you replace it. Take a long shaft screwdriver and stick the handle to your ear and the tip to all the pullys. (the center of them mind you). this should help you determine which bearing is going out. it probably is your tensioner but i always like to double check myself before throwing money into the project.
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which engine?????

In addition to the tensioner, 3.3 and 3.8 have an Idler pulley which is notorious for making noise....

The tensioner replacement is a bit un nerving, but is do-able with a bit of patience,and undevoted time.
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Thanks guys i will try checking with the screwdriver tommorrow as it is dark outside now... It is a 3.8 engine, can you possibly give any details on replacing the tensioner..thanks

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