can I solder a spade connector to copper wire?


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can I solder a spade connector to copper wire?

I have a large copper wire that goes from my battery to my voltage regulator (72 VW). It requires a spade connector, and all I can find is aluminum. The crimps tend to come loose after a while. Can I solder the stranded copper wire inside the spade connector? Thanks.
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Might be hard to solder large gauge to aluminum depending on how big it really is. That spade connector might not really be aluminum, it could be pre-tinned.

Might want to try a trick I learned. Use a piece of copper pipe of the correct size (I used 1/2 for a battery-starter connection), pound one section flat with a hammer and anvil or a vise. Cut the size slot you need for the connection, then solder the wire in with a torch after crimping.

Worked for me....

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