2005 Jimmy Noises


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2005 Jimmy Noises

My 2005 Jimmy (sold in Canada only but identical to late model Jimmy units sold in the US) has 37,000 miles on it but is out of warranty. A while ago it started making noises that come and go. It's like a combination grinding/creaking noise that seems to be worse just as the vehicle starts off from a stop and then when it's nearly coming to a stop. It also does it when accelerating and already at road speeds.

I've checked the brakes and they're fine with about half wear left on all four pads.

I've checked the serpentine belt and it looks good.

When I open and sit on the tail gate it makes some crunchy sounds leading me to think that the shocks need replacement, but at 37,000 miles! The vehicle does not bounce up and down after pushing down and releasing it, so the shocks are still doing their job.

Yesterday I had my son bounce the vehicle while sitting on the tail gate while I got underneath to listen for the source of the sound. It sounded like the noise was coming from underneath roughly in the middle of the vehicle.

Any ideas what the problem could be or what further diagnosis I might be able to do on it to figure out the problem?


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I also have a 2005 GMC. There is a known problem of premature steering shaft wear. This causes front end noise, though I wouldn't characterize it as a grinding sound. Even though I bought my truck used and well out of warranty, the dealer replaced the shaft for free.
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are the shocks leakin any?

maybe a loose or wearing out braket in the rear.

im not that familiar with the vehicle but just check all the bushings out and all the brakets o make sure theyre tight
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There are multiple noise sources, I think.

There are no leaks from the shocks absorbers.

The steering box failed on this vehicle under warranty and leaked like crazy. I had it replaced at the dealer's and, after they had replaced it, the steering wheel had about a quarter of a turn of play! I had to take it back and put up a fight to get them to re-do the job. Finally they admitted they had put on a defective part and would do it again. That's been fine since them (a couple of years ago).

Now I've got these noises. I decided to check one of the brakes (left rear wheel) more carefully as some of the grinding noise seemed to be coming from there. I found the brakes on that wheel with a totally seized (rusted) upper slider. When I went to remove the slider pin to clean it and lubricate it, the head broke off! I doubt that slider ever saw any lubricant right from the factory. I had a mechanic (I sort of trusted) do these brakes in the middle of winter a couple of years ago. He replaced all four rotors and pad sets at a cost of nearly $1,000. The pads were high end and therefore only half worn so I thought the S.O.B. had done the sliders after charging me $40 for slider service! Obviously he didn't. That shop has since been sold to a chain known as Master Mechanic - another chain I've had trouble with! The only way to get the brakes done right is obviously to do them yourself, lol. I've now replaced the caliper assembly on that wheel. The noises continue. I'll have to check each of the other wheels and make sure that are no more seized sliders. I hope the piston on the caliper I just replaced is not defective too and stick after applying the brakes!

Once I've done all that, I'll see what noises are left over, if any.

Thank you both for your comments.

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