Starter problem?


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Starter problem?

I have had this 91 Acura running so far so good until last winter.The engine would sometimes do not turn over and if you gave it a few shots,it would start like nothing wrong.I did have the battery terminal and cable cleaned and it was still the same thing.
I had to insure the other vehicle to get me going just in case it failed on a working day.Since then,it was sitting in the garage with the battery cable disconnected.Yesterday,I restarted the car a number of times and they were all good.Wonder if someone can help to get to bottom of this problem before I pop off and replace the starter.
Again,thanks in advance.
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When you had the terminals cleaned, were they cleaned on both ends or just at the battery? If not, Remove and clean the cables and the attaching points at the starter and engine ground. I have resolved some cold, damp weather starting problems by cleaning up the starter and ground attaching points.
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do as goldstar suggested. ive had that happen once or twice on someones car before. if that doesnt work, how does the car start? is it kinda lethargic when trying to crank and then it catches? if so ur starter is going out. if not then you might have another issue at hand
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Thanks guys.I never thought about cleaning the cable contact point on the starter as well as the ground end.Like I mentioned previously,there was a "click" but no "crank"; if you gave a few seconds and it would start like normal yet sometimes I had to try that a number of times.
The car has had no problem starting the last 3 days before I cleaned the other points of contact.Guess I have to wait until winter to see if the same problem exists.Is there any way to test if it is a faulty starter.Thanks again.
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Could be the contacts inside the starter solenoid, too. Not sure about Acura's (Honda), but that's a common/easy fix on Toyotas.
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Originally Posted by the_tow_guy View Post
Could be the contacts inside the starter solenoid, too. Not sure about Acura's (Honda), but that's a common/easy fix on Toyotas.

I beleive tow is in the right track. RW
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Tow guy and retired wrench are right. I've learned from experience not to assume electrical connections are good, and not to forget about the ground(s) in any circuit. If the problem crops up again, though, many parts houses like AutoZone and O'Reilly can test starters and alternators at the store. At WalMart, even, they have a starting/charging system analyzer to test starter, battery and alternator.

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