a/c question on 91 olds cutlass


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a/c question on 91 olds cutlass

i have a 91 olds cutlass that one of the A/C pipes is broken just past the compressor. i was told that sense the pipes screw into the back of the compressor i can go to a junk yard get the pipes and attach them. question is how do i know if the compressor is still good. is there a way to test the compressor to see if its still good. how much would a shop charge to replace the pipes. is it worth it. also how much would they charge for a converson to R-134A sense it was not converted i don't see any stickers.
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It would be pretty costly to covert it, properly. We are talking $500+. R-134a operates at a much higher pressure then freon, so if you don't covert the required components, they will leak eventually.
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is that 500$+ just to convert it or does that also cover replacing the broken pipe. the pipe is broken in half just pass the compressor. they sell the substitute freon that works at the same pressure of R-12 but can't find it online cause i forgot the brand. i think it was mr.freeze or something.
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Are you certain it uses R-12 now? Some cars had switched over to R-134a for 91 model year.
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i had a 92 that had r-12 i think its better to leave it r-12
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By July of 1994, EVERYTHING was required to be R134a. GM +Ford started phasing out R12 in Mid 1993.....

Just look at the valves.....R12 has the smaller valve on the hi side, 134 uses the smaller valve on Low side....

Substitute freon is a NO-NO.....

Technically, you need a functional system to convert....I would be leary of converting anything with damaged or corroded Piping, since you dont know where the end result of the corrosion has traveled to. Whether or not it is converted, You can expect recurring issues with the AC for the remainder of the vehicles Life.

If you plan on keeping the car..Spend the money NOW, instead of piecing things together over the next two or three years....
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which is why i would have the shop do the converson while they replace the one pipe.
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I would think any decent a/c shop would be pointing this out when they did the repair.

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