'92 Saturn SL2' no odometer...


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'92 Saturn SL2' no odometer...

I recently bought a 1992 Saturn SL2 from a meticulous previous owner - so meticulous that he threw in the factory service manual set he got when he bought the car new. But after driving the car for the past six weeks, the odometer still shows the 219,xxx miles it had when I took possession. The speedometer and tachometer work correctly, as well as all the other gauges. The manuals show a module (electronic?) that drives the odometer. My questions are: 1. Where is this module located? and 2. Is it independently replaceable? This little car runs great after getting a new timing set, and just recently carried my wife and son on an 1100-mile round trip without trouble. But without the odo, I have no way of figuring the fuel economy (a big deal to me)!
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If the speedo works , But ODO does not....

You have a bad cluster......

Whether cable driven or electronic, The fact that the speedo works means that all the information necessary for your ODO to calculate mileage is available......

The electronic module you refer to is a speedo buffer, which translates electrical pulses into movement of the dial, or.....Creates electrical pulses from a spinning cable, and translates to dial movement.

I could be wrong, but I believe you should have a mechanical odometer, In which case ,after 219,000 miles, He has served a useful and prosperous life......
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The mechanical ones can sometimes be repaired by replacing the little gears inside the cluster that break. Did that fix on a project Saturn a couple of years ago. The "but" part is that you have to be mechanically inclined enough to remove and dismantle the cluster to get to the gears. Here's one parts source:

Speedometer Gears and Odometer Gears. Speedometer Parts

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