2005 Acura TL: DS Rear wheel is LOCKED


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2005 Acura TL: DS Rear wheel is LOCKED

2005 Acura TL with <40k.

I washed the car on Sunday evening, gave the wheels a good brushing (which I normally do). Returned the car to the garage after I dried the car.

Next day, I start the car, and back out of the garage. I 'feel' like I'm stuck, and assumed that my 2 year old had left a toy / pile of wood under a tire. Nope.

Give the car a bit more gas (it's not moving in R just by releasing the brake) and I move SLOWLY and hear this high-pitched whining sound. I see a 'skid' mark on the ground. My father-in-law watches me back up, and says the wheel is not moving. The whining sound is the tire against the floor.

Parking brake is disengaged (rarely used). I pumped the brakes with no effect. I went from D to R to D to R several times to see if it would 'unlock' itself - nothing worked. The wheel seems to rotate 'approximately' 1 to 2 minutes (if you're looking at a clock) and then lock completely.

My thoughts, time permitting, is to remove the wheel, tap on the caliper with a rubber mallet to see if I can release the lock. Assuming the caliper is frozen to the rotor...

Any suggestions?


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I would guess the parking brake cable is frozen in the sleeve it rides in. sometimes a rubber mallet with penetrating oil will free it up enough to drive. If that is the case cable needs to be replaced. Happens when parking brake is not used much.

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