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Originally Posted by nightowlpunk View Post
In CT jury duty is a one day deal if you are not picked to be on a jury.
The way it works where I live is you're required to call in once a week at a certain time every Friday during a particular month that is assigned to you by the court. There's a recording that tells you whether a jury selection process is going to occur the next week or whether nothing is scheduled. If there's going to be jury selection event, you have to go to that, which usually lasts a day. Then if you're selected as a juror from that process you're required to remain as juror on that case until its over or you're otherwise dismissed by the court.
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Forgot a step. You call in the night before your jury duty date. Last time I did that, I found out that the whole day was cancelled so nobody had to show up. Other times that # reads off a list of those required to show up.

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