97 Ford Expedition lost power

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97 Ford Expedition lost power

Engine --- 5.4L Triton V8
4 wheel drive [though do have it in 2 wheel drive]

This has never happened before and hasn't happened since but I am concerned...

2 days ago i'm driving to work and made a Left turn and my Expedition lost power...so of course had no power steering or power brakes....this happened while making a left across a 4 lane road. Fortunately my car stopped before hitting the curb.
I put it in park and it started up right away without issue.

i called Tires Plus and they suggested I get it towed there. A month ago Tires Plus put a new alternator in.

They had it hooked up to a diagnostic machine for 2 hours and found nothing. I was told they can't find anything wrong and to consider it a 1 time freak occurance.

Problem is...WHAT if it happens again and next time I'm not so lucky that I don't get in an accident or something.

Looking for possible scenarios that may cause a car to simply lose all power while driving or looking for reassurance that 1 time occurances can happen like this.

REALLY don't want to have to buy a new car but not trusting the car you drive sucks!!!!!

Any words of wisdom/insight would be great.
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I had a similar issue with a Dodge Dakota. It would just crap out like fuel was cutoff, happened 2 times, once came back up after a loss of power on an off ramp, 2nd time had to pull over, but it started right back up. I could never find anything and then it happened a 3rd time, naturally at night and while raining. Had it towed home and the next day found the locking clip holding the wiring connector to the coil (IIRC) had cracked off. SO until the final failure it was just loose and would sometimes lose connection, when it wouldn't restart I found it actually dangling free. Of course the coil(?) was at the lower left front of the engine..who'd a thunk it.
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A tough problem to find! As gunguy said it could be a loose or bad connection, water in the fuel, or one of a hundred other things. Check over the wiring harness for loose or broken plugs. Check the battery wire on the back of the alternator, once had a Taurus where this wire got loose, and with enough load on it, lights on, wipers on, ac on, you could signal a turn left or right and it would stall. A little reassurance, the brakes and steering will work without the engine running just takes alot more effort, both hands on the wheel, and maybe both feet on the brake pedal.
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Just a thought....

Since the beginning of time, till current day, Fords electronics are very picky about GROUNDS......

Look at your negative battery terminal , and follow the cable for 8 or 10 inches...You should find what looks like a Fuse Holder inlne with one of the cable branches... Take it apart, clean the Green Fuzzy stuff off of it and put it back together.......

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