Civic Sometime Won't Start


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Civic Sometime Won't Start

For the past several years my '91 Civic has had random moments when it would not start. About twice a year, usually on a very warm afternoon when I was trying to leave work, it would simply not fire. Then, after up to three or four minutes of cranking the starter it would suddenly catch. It always would run normally once running.

Well, last week it became not so random, like three days straight. What I know is that using starting fluid, it clearly tries to catch. I have gas on both sides of the fuel filter. And, I find that after I have drained the battery waiting for it to start, when I get the jump it tends to fire right up.

So, my take is some electrical problem causing no fuel. I looked at all the various connectors I could find around the engine and all look clean -- injectors and sensors and such. Cleaned the battery terminals last night and it fired right up this morning...but it is cool out. I do not hear a fuel pump when I turn it on, but have not had an assistant around when I have thought to verify that.

Any suggestions where to look next?
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Before I went any further I would get a gauge on the fuel system and see what kind of pressure the pump is putting out.

How long since the fuel filter was changed?
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Id start at the main relay.
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I thought I would close up this issue while I'm here today. After a few more days of messing around I basically found that the battery terminal was too loose. I tried some sheet metal I found at work for a few days -- with only moderate success -- until I came across some battery post shims. Once I managed to get around the clearance issue on the terminal clamp nut, it tightened up much better and away we went.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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