Honda Accord 2006 O2 sensor replacement


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Honda Accord 2006 O2 sensor replacement

Hello All - I have a 2006 Honda accord 4 cylinder vtech engine. The first Or sensor (before the catalytic converter) neds replacing. After crawling under the car and bending my arm in directions I did not think it could bend, I figured out where the sensor is and where it "plugs in" to the rest of the emissions system. The problem is, I can not figure out how the heck to unplug it, and the angle I need to get to it at is very difficult, so I can not clearly see what I am doing. Nor can I get two hands down there at one time, both from underneath or on top. My question is, is there a trick to unpluging it? I'd hate to have Honda service the car for over $250 when I can do it myself for less than half that. Of course, id I can not unplug the faulty sensor, I won't be able to do it myself. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm not specifically familiar with that exact plug on a Honda, but very often the quick disconnect plugs on various cars can be undone one handed. The trick is to get your fingers in the right place to squeeze the "release". If you look at the replacement sensor you should be able to get a pretty good idea how it works.

That sensor can be had for about $100 and any independent shop would probably swap it pretty cheap. No need to go dealership for something that generic.
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Good point - I don't need honda to do it at all. I'll get the part myself and see if that helps me figure out how to unplug it, and if not, I can have a professional do it for me.

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You might try looking around from above with one of those little mechanic's mirrors and a good light to try and follow the wire to the connector.

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