94 camry oil leak\ crack in a\c hose


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Question 94 camry oil leak\ crack in a\c hose

I had several oil leaks in my 94 2.2 4cy.camry I replaced the valve cover and the timingbelt and new water pump from the advice from tow guy and hit with a stick wich took care of that leak [thanks guys} I also fixed the power sterring leak. Now my machanic paul said the O ring on the disributor shaft needs to be done but now he thinks it's coming from the transmisssion. I'm loosing a large sauser of oil a day when I let my car sit over night, but my fluid levels in my oil and transmission are fine.So where could this oil be comming from? Because I don't know and I am out of money right now from what I have had fixed, I cant afford to take it to a tranny place right now and pay to have it looked at. I don't want to do any damage by driving it right now what do you think? Would that lucas tranny fix work or is the oil leak to bad? Also I have a crack in the a\c alluminum hose 2 inches from the flare in the front of the car. Paul put jacks welding on it but does not think it will hold if not he will use mightty putty the stuff on tv.Does any one know how to fix this small crack? Paul said a new line would be very expensive. The oil leak is about 6 inches north of the distributor if you were standing in front of the car close to the drivers side wiper blade. My main concern is if I do'nt know where the oil leak is comming from but dip sticks read normal is it possible I could dammage my car by driving it. any and all advice would be very much apreciated. Greatfully yours thumper777
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Well, to answer your last question first, no you will not do any damage driving a car that has a fluid leak unless you eventually run out of whichever fluid is leaking.

That distributor shaft seal leak is fairly common.

A saucer-sized leak should show up pretty quick on a dipstick. Should also be fairly easy to tell whether it is oil or tranny fluid. Tracing the leak can sometimes be difficult because simple gravity will make a fluid leak follow the path of least resistance in a downward direction from the source. That sometimes means as much as a foot or more laterally from where it is actually dripping off. At one time my wife's previous Camry ('95, same motor) had a leak from the vehicle speed sensor which mounts in the top of the tranny housing toward the back. One bolt and the electrical connector to get it out. It never leaked a saucer's worth, though.

Saw you ac line question in another thread. May be a good candidate for a junkyard part.

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