Air Circulation


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Air Circulation

When running the AC, are you supposed to use recycled air or outside air? I believe you need to use recycled air but a friend told me different. Please clarify...

Also, if your car air filter is dirty, does that cause AC problems?
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Either one is fine depending on outside temps. Recycle will remove the humidity from the interior quicker and cool quicker since it is recooling the same air, not hot outside air. Exterior air is just that..fresh air to help vent odors, smoke, etc. My car has auto temp control and if I have it set that way, it will start with recycled air to cool the car..then switch to exterior when I'm rolling on the road. It will sometimes switch back if I come to a stop where its very warm outside.

If you mean engine air it won't affect the operation of the A/C other than possibly reducing engine power. If you mean a cabin or pollen filter, yes it might reduce airflow somewhat.

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