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Wink 2003 Nissan Altima

June 22, 2008

I had issues starting my 2003 Nissan Altima. The Service Engine Soon light came on. It would turn over but the engine wouldn't fire. It had lots of fuel and battery power. I replaced the spark plugs because they were getting old, but they were dry (not getting fuel. The fuel pump was running fine (two clips at front of back seat will allow you to remove the seat, when cranking the motor you can hear the pump hum). The next day it started, I drove it home (a few miles) and it wouldn't re-start for the next few days.

I tried a few suggested things on the internet like taking the posts off the battery to clear the computer and letting it sit and cool down, but with no luck.

The crankshaft and camshaft sensors are identical. I replaced the CAM position sensor in about 5 minutes after picking one up. The old one was plastic (and full of oil). The after-market one ($35 as opposed to $77 at the dealers) had a newly designed metal cylindrical cover. The car started and stalled immediately after. I restarted it and revved it for a few seconds. It is starting and ran well afterward.

I intend on checking out the voluntary ECM reprogramming recall tomorrow. I am concerned about the possible fuel mileage loss, but am more concerned about the car shutting down while running.

I bought the car new over 6 years ago, have 110,000 kilometers or 68,200 miles on it and have had no other issues. This is a glitch that should be repaired at the dealership by Nissan to prevent marring an otherwise well engineered vehicle's reputation. From the redesigned sensor, it is obvious that the problem was uncovered, a solution determined and the part modified.

Despite feeling somewhat abandoned by Nissan in this circumstance and even if I had to pay $150-$200 to have this problem fixed I would not regret buying the vehicle.
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Before I got deep into your psot, the two things that came to mind were fuel pump and crank position sensor. Both of these are notrious for starting one minute, then not the next after you shut the car off. You said you replaced the cam sensor. But what about the crank sensor?
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i had one that did that.. turned out to be an ignition module. though.. i wouldn't just run out an get one. they aren't cheap an more likely i would think it was a crank sensor. the dealership found the issue with a scope. good luck!

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