idea for a fix in a\c line


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Question idea for a fix in a\c line

I posted earlier about my 94 camry, very small hair line crack in a\c used JB welding and did not work. I wondered if I could put JBwelding on the inside and then on the outside. And or maybe putting some JB Welding around a smaller tube and put it into the bigger line. I know we are talking about a lot of pressure 250psi and maybe this sounds crazy but I'm desperate for relief. And if anyone knows how much a new line would cost to have put in, I'd be greatfull. Can I use a junkyard line and do it myself ? It does not look easy to me. Thank you all for your help!!! Blesings, Christine
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Received 2 Votes on 2 Posts aren't going to be able to fix this in any of the ways you suggest. After replacing the line (if thats all thats wrong) the system needs to be evacuated with a vacuum pump then the exact size charge of refrigerant needs to be added.

Sorry, no idea of cost.
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What about a tig welder? I know or I think I know, that alluminum needs a special kind of welding equipment that is really expensive. I'm thinking it might be hard to find. But I figure if a tig weld will hold it would save me from a costly repair. I did find out that a new line will cost 110 dollars and 100 and somthing to put in. It actually doesn't look like it would be too bad of a do it yourself project to put in, but it looked to me that the radiator and such would have to come out. Iv'e already put 110 into this for a part to be put on. Would a tig weld work? Is it hard to put this line in? I could do the radiator, but not sure of what else. Any other thoughts or suggestions? BTW Today it was so hot I burned my hands on the sterring wheel and had to carry another shirt with me to put on in the car parking lot. thats fine for guys, I'm a woman! But sometimes a girls got to do what girls got to do. lol..... P.S. So.... you are saying I have to pay for all this to be done again. Great, more money I don't have. But, thanks Mr. Gun for letting me know.

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A tig weld will work if you find a welder that is able to weld it, thin material like that line is extremely tricky to weld without burning through. A welder good enough to weld that would cost as much as a new line around here.

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