Lost the key to lock lugs...any advice?!?


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Lost the key to lock lugs...any advice?!?

Discount Tire said they could get them off for five dollars per wheel....don't really want to go that route...any good ideas?
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Got a Dremel or a chisel to make a notch in them to be able to take therm out with a large screw driver
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3 ways to go about this........If you have the card that goes with the locks, you can send off for a duplicate key. If time is not an issue......

Or......Say to yourself, I don't care about the locks.......notch and drive off with an air chisel.......This will render the locks unusable.....

OR .....pay the $20 and have them use their lock removal tool that they probably paid $80-$100 for????
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Pretty close, wrench; $69.99:

Easy-off™ Metric Twist Socket Set - Access Tools - Mfg# EO

I certainly wouldn't want to go through all that labor to save $20.

Side note: If you're buying tires anyway, there should be no charge to take them off.
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There are/were some that could be removed with a good pair of needle nose pliers, but that may only have been for some older locks.
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Originally Posted by the_tow_guy View Post

Side note: If you're buying tires anyway, there should be no charge to take them off.
Sorry TG but I gotta argue that one.....

If the "Tire Guy" is being paid Hourly rate....Fine.. But most Major tire franchises employ "Flat Rate Techs" ...The Tech didnt lose the key, the customer did....And It isnt fair that the tech has to Eat the added labor... Even with the proper tool, they can be a bear to remove...

The twist sockets dont always work...All of our locks at Chrysler have sleeves around the ends that spin, to prevent them from being "Unscrupulously" removed.... The actual set of McGard Uni-Keys cost me almost 600 bucks..Granted, there are 45 different keys, and it saves me Major time to use the set instead of digging thru the trunk , past the golf clubs , beach blankets and cinder blocks to find the customers key, But in a case like this , why should I be expected to give that away for free????

BTW.....5 bucks a wheel is CHEAP compared to the damage you could do to 4 chrome wheels with a hammer and chisel....

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