thumping noise from rear of car


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thumping noise from rear of car

hello...My wifes 2000 chrysler town and country has recently started making a thumping noise when applying the brakes and does so until complete stop. I layed the back seat down in order for me to get my ear down to the floor to listen because it is hard to tell whether its from the left or right or center...It appears to be coming from the rear passenger side wheel area. As soon as the brakes are pressed the thumping starts but slows as the car slows down and the noise gets a little quiter the slower you get......thanks
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U joints? Bearings? Jack the rear up and put on jack stands. Try the rear wheels. Grab then with both hands and give a good shake. Do they seem to wiggle a lot? Crawl under and try the drive shaft at the U joint. does it wiggle.

Disclaimer: Not familiar with the specific car. If front wheel drive then just check the rear wheels for looseness. My experience has been in older cars at least a thump is a U joint going bad..
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Drum or disc Brakes in the rear?????

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