Gas station/gas pump cut of valve?


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Gas station/gas pump cut of valve?

While filling my car with gas at the gas station and checking the oil, the gas started overflowing out of the filler tube and all over the side of the car as well as all over the gas station - the gas did not stop pumping until I pulled the pump handle out of my car and dropped it and it hit the ground. Needless to say I was pissed and did not want to pay for all the spilled gas. The gas station says it was my fault for using the little device on the pump handle that keeps it on without having to hold it. My feeling is that the the device is there specifically for me to use so they can't blame me for using what they put on thier handle. Also, and the point to my question, is that I am certain that there are federal rules that require a back-pressure cut off switch/valve on the pump - so that once the gas gets to the top it shuts off automatically. So if there is a rule for such a device, then either the device wasn't there or wan't working - either way it was there fault and I shouldn't pay for the spilled gas. Does anyone have any information on any rules requiring back-pressure cut-off valves on gas pumps? thanks!
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The back pressure valve was probably faulty. If you go back there today, you will find a new handle installed. Yes, it was their fault for having faulty equipment. There is also a sign on the tank telling you not to leave it unattended and any spill is your responsiblity. There are in our area, anyway. That would make it your fault for leaving it unattended.
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In our area they are taking the latch off the pump handles. Heard there are new rules about them.
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I agree with Chandler. Every pump I've ever seen says "do not leave pump unattended". While technically it's probably their fault, they covered their butts with the disclaimer on the pump.
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Never ever leave any vehicle while refueling at any time as what your experience has shown as a point. Any device may fail. Extra bucks you spent on the spilled gas were worth it instead of replacing the car. self serve means that you have to take a level of responsability for you and the safety of your actions at the pump. Never let tech take care of common since.

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Attended or unattended doesn't make much difference (except in the amount of the spill) if the shutoff fails. Just had one do that to me the other day on a nozzle with no latch, just me squeezing the handle.
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I think this goes further then a few bucks of gas spill.
Its scary to think that:

The back pressure valve did not work. (Faulty equipment)

A lot of gas was spilled. (Insufficient training given to pumper and design flaw of having the locking mechanism in the first place to invite unattention)

Handle was dropped on ground. (Insufficient training given to pumper. Lucky non spark material used on handle)

I do think that most of the responsibility goes on the gas station in this case.
I am glad no fire started and this can be worked out with no body hurt YET. I think each party has to admit thier mistakes in the situation and work on them not happing again
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Pay for the gas and leave it alone, before they call the EPA about the gas you spilled and you wind up excavating the parking lot.
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Adding my 2 cents.

If the pump has the latch on it, the responsibility is fully on the station. It is on their equipment and by its presence there they are providing it for use and are responsible for it working. Simply asking for your presence at the filling of the tank doesn't get them out of liability.

If you were attending the pump and the fuel spilled on you or your car they would still be liable for damages (or at least in my court they would be)(if I had a court that is).
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Kind of funny, at the BJ's I buy gas at about half the pumps have the auto feed, the other half don't.
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Fuel nozzle

I believe you are correct in feeling the nozzle should have shut off. Your profile doesn't disclose where you are from and rules do vary from place to place. As for responsibility, I'm afraid it's on you. If you run any type of machine you become the operator meaning that safe usage is up to you. The coat of the spilled fuel should have been covered by the station as the pump didn't function properly. Would you feel leaving a child in a running car with the AC on is acceptable, probably not as a malfunction could be disastorus. A spark in the area of the spilled fuel could have a similar ending.
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There is really no way you can measure how much was spilled anyway and it is on your total bill. You buy the gas, they buy the kitty litter to clean it up.

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