Venza Alarm + Remote Starter


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Venza Alarm + Remote Starter

Has anyone installed a security alarm system with remote starter with their Venza? Toyota does not make an alarm with remote starter so an aftermarket seems to be the only option for now. The dealer where we bought the Venza is not recommending to install an aftermarket alarm + remote starter. I dont know if they are inexperienced or just dont want to take any chances on a new vehicle. The dealer where I bought my Camry says they have been installing aftermarket alarm + remote starters on Venzas with no problems so I am now confused.

I have no problem going to my Camry dealer but I am just concerned with installing an aftermarket on a new vehicle like the Venza.

If an aftermarket is installed by a Toyota dealer and something goes wrong with something electrical is that covered under any warranty? Can someone offer advice on this? Thank you!
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Usually Not...... at least not the factory warranty.....

But your dealer will be in a position of having to "Good Will" their installation as well as its consequences......

Personally, I would not use aftermarket anything For a New car Customer. If the factory didnt make one, or option one, there is usually a reason. They are in the business of making money , just like every other business in the world, so if someone will buy it , they will produce it.....The problem comes in , of course, when they cant find a way to safely , or durably Integrate it into the system that exists.

Just a personal note, But it looks like you are heading into a sword fight between two dealerships, with your warranty being the Prize.

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It seems that you can buy an alarm and remote starter as separate systems not in one combined system. If they sell it as separate products, you would think they would make one that has both features. If I buy them separately, will the dealer be able to make that work for me?

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