Airbag Computer Module


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Airbag Computer Module

I was having a loud clicking noise from under the dash, and I found the culprit and pulled it out. I've discovered (by googling the part number) that it is the airbag computer module. The airbag light is now on continuously. My question is, can the airbag deploy accidently (or otherwise) with this out?

1991 Ford Taurus GL 3.8

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In theory....No.....

Anytime the SRS warning is lit, deployment is disabled.....Even with the module plugged in....

Also in theory, Static electricity can deploy an airbag, and with the connectors hanging and ungrounded, this becomes increasingly more likely .

Was the SRS lamp on prior to removing the module?
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Thanks for the reply. The light was flashing, and has been for a couple of years probably. More recently, the cruise control quit and then the horn quit. About 2 months ago I replaced the clockspring which fixed the horn but nothing else. I can't remember how many flashes I was getting, but I would imagine replacing the module might fix the problem. Now I have to decide if it's worth it.

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