99 Park Ave AC clutch adjustment


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99 Park Ave AC clutch adjustment

I have my AC clutch scraping and some metal fillings
I hear that the clutch needs adjusting.
I cant find the exact procedure on the net mainly because I do not know what kind of compressor I have.

Can someone tell me what make of compressor I have or a link to the adjustment procedure for the AC clutch

99 Park Ave Base model non supercharged 3.8 series 2 engine
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If you have metal filings and scraping you need to replace the compressors clutch. If the system is still working I hate to tell you this but sometimes a whole ac compressor is actually cheaper than a clutch on GM products. There should be a sticker on your compressor that IDs it most likely its a sanden or delfi just depends on which plant it came from when built
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There is no adjustment for a clutch. the scraping is happening due to too little air gap....The lack of air gap is because the Pulley bearing isnt spinning true any more......

From what I remember, the clutch plate and pulley were a BEAR to remove, if they came off at all without damaging the "Snout". Your best bet would be a Complete remanned compressor.

There are Numerous variations even in the same Brand.....Find the ID tag and bring the whole thing to the parts store and match it up.....There should be Roman numerals 1- 4 stamped along the body, these positions MUST match the new unit EXACTLY, or else it is WRONG....

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