1994 Taurus


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1994 Taurus

I've got a 1994 Taurus. It quit running after I made a short stop. It cranks over, but doesn't fire. I've checked by shorting a plug wire to the frame & turning it over, no spark.
I tried a code reader, but it won't read any codes.
I'm wondering if the control module is bad, or perhaps a crank sensor. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks, wartrue
Shawnee, Ks.
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Check your fuel interupt switch it should be in the rear of the car in the trunk under the carpet or if its a wagon it will be under the trim panel behind the wheelwell "hump" it will have a big red button on it it shuts off fuel in case of accident but bumps and hard stops have been known to trigger them if they are weak and if the ecu does not see fuel it won't spark. as to code readers not reading codes did you have the key in the on position? I know that may sound like a stupid question but I have had guys in my shop forget to do that.LOL or perhaps there are no codes present.The last possible thing is that you have no spark and the coil pack has gone belly up and needs to be replaced that was not monitered by the ecu in 94 ford didn't start that program till about 98 or 99.Unfortunatly the old plug wire to ground won't really help you in that hook a timing light up and check spark that way.Doesn't really matter what plug wire you put it on cause you just looking to see if the light flashes when you crank it.

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