Need new transmission-where do I go?


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Need new transmission-where do I go?

Make: 1997 Dodge Caravan (mini van), 119,000 miles

Problem: I need a new transmission; the car just died on me in the middle of traffic. I had it towed to a car repair shop near me that I used before and they told me I need a new transmission (estimate: $2,700). I had the car into them about a month ago because the manual transmission would not always shift into drive or reverse. At that time they said they suspected that the transmission was going out but couldn't verify.

Should I do a rebuilt or a new transmission? Should I go to a transmission shop or can my general auto repair shop do the job? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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question is do you feel like pouring three grand into the vehicle? If your gonna keep it awhile then replace it, but if you only want it for alittle bit longer, say a couple years, then rebuild. If you opt to replace it a general repair shop will suffice but charge u up the wazzo because its not something they would normally do. a rebuild should only cost about 1500 max at a specialty shop.

I am a mechanic at a Tire Kingdom and we have a Cottman Transmission shop right next door so we send all of our customers with transmission issues to them because they are cheaper than us. (were nice like that in louisiana, well turn down business if its cheaper for the customer)

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Would your mechaninc let you get a used transmission to install instead? I did that for my 95 Jetta, 62K later and is still fine. The used one was $500 for an automatic at a used auto parts recycling center (EGAD political correctness strikes again). May be different where you live. I wish you the best of luck with this.
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Used tranny would be a crap shoot; again it goes back to what value you put in the vehicle and how long you would keep it.

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