Rear Window off the track????


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Rear Window off the track????

2007 Jeep Liberty, rear window will not go up or down. Electric and I can hear the motor running.....

1. How do I get the panel off without destroying it?
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This may be a stupid question, but is the child safety lock on? Or were you trying this from the driver's door?
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A bit of good and Bad News....

Your regulator Cable is broken.....

Now......How many miles are on the vehicle???? Does it still fall under warranty??? Chrysler has issued an "UPDATED" regulator for this issue.....Unfortunately , Your Window Glass will no longer fit on the Updated regulator and must be replaced.....

The Door panel has a screw under the cover in the door handle, and one in the "Pull Handle"......Remove them, .. Pry the lower corner out with a small screwdriver, and find the "Push-Pins".... With your Fingertips, pull the panel Outwards, and snap, to disengage the pins, working around the perimeter of the door.....

The stationery glass must be removed, so pull off the weatherstripping and unbolt the rear track....disengage the glass from the regulator by pushing the Little white Tabs in, and lift out the glass.....Unbolt the 4 screws holding the regulator in, and remove it...Reverse to install.....

This isnt for the faint of heart, And not an attack on you personally, but if you cant figure out how to get the panel off, You lack the skills to be able to work with the internals......

Check On the WARRANTY.....and make an appointment with your dealership... They will also need a "Sales Code" or "OPtion code" to match your door glass tint Scheme...

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