Front Brakes


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Front Brakes

I have a 95 camry with 205K miles and the last time I changed my front brake pads and rotors were 60K miles ago. I think I will need to change them soon since my steering wheel is starting to shake again when coming to stop. When I spoke to the dealer about this, they said I would need to replace both pads and rotors and I asked why rotors if they were replaced the last time. I asked if the rotors can be just cut and they said no. Does that sound correct?
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Some rotors are manufactured without extra material for machining, this saves money for the manufacturer, and supposedly saves gas due to lighter unsprung weight. The question is why are the rotors warped at 60k miles? Are you extremely heavy footed on the brakes? Do you or whoever rotates your tires use a torque wrench, and tighten the lugs to the proper torque? Did you install a quality part the last time you replaced them?
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My wife tells me I've heavy on the brakes. How long should the rotors last? The tire store where I purchased my tires rotates my tires. My pads and rotors were bought directly from Toyota parts.
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Trying to say how long something should last is like saying how long someone will live. It depends on a lot of things. I once ran a PU 130K miles before doing anything to the brakes. My wife could go thru a set in 30K miles,till she hit a truck in the rear, then she saw the light. Sounds like you are using quality parts and if the tire guys arent going crazy with the impact the only other thing I can come up with would be calipers hanging up or aggresive driving. RW
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Yes alot of those tire guys do not take the time to use a torque wrench or torque stick. most likely your problem, but also how is the ajustment on the rear brakes if they are drum brakes.

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