Overdrive light 2002 Ford Explorer


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Overdrive light 2002 Ford Explorer

I've read several of the posts, and see a lot of trouble with transmissions on Fords. I also have seen lots of info on these types problems on other sites. I just had major trans. work done ($2800) in May. I became concerned when hearing a faint knocking from the engine and the overdrive light started flashing. The overdrive light had for a long time before turned itself on (but not flash). I always just pushed the button to turn the light off and kept going. The car was running fine, so I thought it was a faulty light. After the overhaul, I'm having second thoughts about that light coming on. Since having the work done, I've paid particular attention to the OD light. I notice it still comes on when I first crank the car sometimes and even when I am driving down the road. It is not flashing, but staying solid. I can't tell anything else seems to be wrong with the car, but had it not been for the flashing light I would have ignored the noise before. Now that I have spent so much money, I'm not ignoring anything and trying to be smart about this. The mechanic said the cervo piston was completely cracked in two when he ovehauled the trans. He seemed to think that was odd. They want to look at it again, because of the light coming on. I also thought I noticed a couple of times this week a slight burning smell for a couple of seconds. These things have always been so faint (noises and smells) you wonder if it is imagination. Anyway, I would love any ideas about what might be going on.
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I have seen a lot of bad O/d switches cause that problem (Its located on the end of the shift handle right) a bad switch will cycle the sol at every little bump, stop and pothole. its a pretty simple DIY and fairly cheap also it snaps into the end and last I checked was only about 20 bucks or so Ford in my area has ample supplies of them on the shelf if that tells you anything.

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