Saturn Transmission Problem I think


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Saturn Transmission Problem I think


I am new to this and so I hope that someone can help me. While I was driving my 1997 4 door saturn, i heard a click or a snap that came from the bottom of the car. When I began to accelerate again, it was very very slow driiving. When I put the car into reverse, itmade a terrible hard shift change, but I was able to go in reverse and tehn put it back into drive and again very slow to move.

I am guessing this is a transmission problem.
Does anyone know how serious this could be? Simple repair or a new transmission?

Also I am having a belt problem. I just had that replaced but it is making a whining sound. I was told that it was gonna probalbt need a part to have that sound stop and to keep the belt going.

thank you in advance for all help that I can get.
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Manual or automatic? As to the belt sound you might have a bad tensioner or idler bearing. If auto a snap sound is more than likely a band or clutch pack let go and will cause some of what you described. if manual there are two shift cables that connect to the stick an one of them could cause hard shifting if they are streched. The auto sounds like what you have but not sure and if so you will be looking at a rebuild or scrap yard replacement unless you have a way to jack the car up and support the engine (the trans comes out the bottem) pull the front drive axles and drop the engine cradle. you might be better off letting a shop do it the time should not be more than 10 hrs labor for that R&R job this of course doesn't include the trans.

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