Brakes 1987 Dodge Caravan


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Brakes 1987 Dodge Caravan

We Just completed replacing a brake boster on this car. The problem is that after bleeding the brakes twice. the brake peddle is still going to the floor. there is no air in the lines. and no leaks to be found. Please help
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Did you do a bench bleed on the master before re-installing/reconnecting?
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If you removed the M/C from the car, I agree with Tow Guy......

I usually just moved them out of the way, remove the TPS sensor from the throttle body and pull the booster out.

Having said that, Is this van equipped with that "Funky" half electric, half hydraulic booster for the ABS system???? Or is it just a plain Vacuum booster?????

There are variations to both designs in regards to "Pushrod length" inside the booster.....And they DO NOT interchange....

In the off chance you arent telling us the whole story, and your trying to replace an Electro boost with a conventional booster,...The BRAKE PEDALS are drilled in different places for the actuator pins, and interchanging the two will leave you with a "SHORT THROW" on the brake pedal, causing........Yep you guessed it, NO PRESSURE.....
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It has a plain vacuum booster with no ABS. The booster that was replaced was the same as the old. We did bench bleed the M/C.
The brake lines all had pressure as we were bleeding them. But when everything was put back together we started the car and their was no brake pressure.

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