85 Chevy Van not ran in 3 years - draining gas tank???


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85 Chevy Van not ran in 3 years - draining gas tank???

I have an '85 Chevy work van. It has sat for 3 years. I should have worked on it 3 years ago but can't change that now.

Several questions:
1) Does the tank need to be cleaned or just drained? Does this tank have a drain plug or do I have to syphon it out??
2) If just draining, do I need to put treatment or cleaning agent tank after it has been drained?
3) Will it be ok to crank and run it after I get the gas tank appropriately taken care of or should I get the carb rebuilt?
4) Any other advise?

There are issues with the power steering and other small issues that I will now tackle once I get it running.

Any help with be greatly appreciated.


Tim D.
Southaven, MS

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It won't have a drian plug chevy quit that one about the late 60's early 70's the gas will be stale however if it.s been sitting with the cap on and full to 3/4 a tank you might get it to run on it just not well. as to other things iI reccomend a shot of wd or other such product down each of the spark plug holes before attempting to turn it over you also may have runnabilty issues from the carb if so equipped IE accelrator pump dried out causing a hesitation under load.Not to mention the numurous oil leaks from dried seals. In short drian the tank (siphon) put in fresh fuel change the oil and squirt some form of lube down the plug holes replace/charge the battery and give it a shot. The lifters may take a while to pump up and some may even rattle for a while after it fires up if it was running before parked that will get it going again but expect lots of leaks and other issues that may come up that weren't there before.

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