Changing Brakes 2004 Durango


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Changing Brakes 2004 Durango

Changing my brakes on a 2004 Durango.. however... having difficulting getting the old ones off I have removed the entire brake housing... but cant get the clips off to remove the old pads.... anyone have any suggestions.


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When you said full houseing were you refering to the brake pad cages and calipers or did you just remove the calps? the cages are usually held on to the knuckles by 17mm bolts. To remove the outer one(pad) I use a commen screwdriver on the large clip on the pad going to the Calps. locator hole and slightly pry it out while pushing on the top side of the pad down. Its a tight S*B and Dodges metal is prone to rusting them in. The piston side is usually clipped into the center of the piston itself and the commen screwdriver can be used (carefully so not to damage the plastic piston and seal) as well. The large clip that I've seen on some Dodges of that era that sit on the outside of the cage can be pryed off slipping the arms of the clip outward towards you make sure you get new ones of these if they did not come with your pads they stabalize the calp assbly to the cages since the slide pins do not actually hold the calp on the vehical just keep it in the right place.I'll try and check back tomarrow.

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