starting problems, frustrated!


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starting problems, frustrated!

Here is an issue with my 2002 PT criuser ( only 24,000 miles on it). I have had this issue over the past 2 years and it is an issue that may be difficult and time consuming to find. It seems to be more evident in cold weather. Anyways, last winter, there were times when I would get in the car and turn the key and you could here the solenoid clicking but the starter wouldn't turn over. Did this several times and it finally turned over fine. This only happened about once a month ( vehicle is started on average 2 times per day)an I took it to the dealer and they advised that everything checked out good. I changed the battery anyways as it was about 3 years old back in January. Now, about a week ago it happened again to my wife who said she truned the key and nothing happened, turned the key twice more and it turned over fine. The car has been started probably about 300-400 times since it happened last winter and about 30 times since it happened last week. Not sure where to start checking at this point as it is probably like finding a needle in a haystack. I am probably just going to have to wait until it dies for good and needs to be towed to a garage. If anyone has any thoughts on some simple checks or some simple/inexpesive things to change I could try them. Thanks
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My first instinct would be to check for loose connections in the starting circuit. Battery, solenoid and starter if you can get to it. All the big cables probably need removed, cleaned up with sandpaper and re-installeded tight. Also look at the small wire connection on the solenoid for loose fit. Crimp them with pliers and reinstall after cleaning the connection.
See if you have any grounding wires near the starter that may need removed and cleaned up. Do the same with the battery ground where it connects with the frame of the vehicle.
Always look for slightly ajar wiring connecters anywhere under the hood.
That should keep you busy a while. Hopefully it will help your problem.
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I agree with Badeyeben.
It seems strongly a bad connection.
It happened to me. I was desperately looking for something gone bad in the starter, and it was simply dirt in the connection between battery and solenoid!! I had spend 2 hours to tackle the problem!
I know it is fairly uneasy to check this because bolts are really hidden, but simply start with uncoupling your battery, then undo all connections, rub them with a wire brush reconnect everything and it should be ok for good.
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Is Your Ignition key Gray or Black?

A black key, would indicate a vehicle without theft deterrent, and a Gray would indicate the presence of the "SKIM" system.

Black ...I agree with the rest.....Gray ....Thats a different animal..... It is possible the "Code reader module" or SKIM is intermittently not seeing your key....

Try the spare key for a few days....
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Is there always a clicking?

I just lost a 30 minute post, and am not saying any more than this at this time, til at least the fire and steam clear from around my eyes and head.
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I believe most of the time it is a clicking but not all. It happened last winter when the wife drove it and it was clicking. I jumped actually jumped the vehicle and it wa fine. That's when I replaced the battery rthinking it would solve it and it showed up agauin last week.

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