96 merc. sable wagon....help!!!


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96 merc. sable wagon....help!!!

Having brake trouble with this car. The car has been driven with the park brake on and one wheel got hot very hot...
shortly after the brake trouble started,

the brake pedal holds pressure but if I ease off it just a little and press again the pedal will go right to the floor.

my concern is the one wheel that heated it up could it have damage that callaper and could one bad callaper make me lose pressure in my brake pedal. to the point that it goes right to the floor!

brake fluid level is up!
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One caliper should not make the pedal go to the floor, more than likely a bad master cylinder, that is where I would start.
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You describe a failure in a master cylinder, that year of car has what in called a two circuit system meaning the front brakes and the rear brakes are on seperate hydraulic circuits. In case of a failure in one circuit the other still functions. Now a leakage between the two will allow the pedal to creep to the floor, called a bypass.
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Finally! That makes complete sense, thank you!

The master cylinder would be anyone's first guess but why was it holding pressure? That's what was stumping me, it seems simple now.

I took the one bad caliper off today the line was almost dry, but the caliper itself seems to be fine just trying to get the stuborn bleeder nut out... Any tricks for that?
besides patience?

Next thing new master cylinder thanks again...Tijoe
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Loctite make a freeze shock pentrating oil that works great use it in my shop for those it is a bit pricy but cheaper than a new set of calps.
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Thanks for the info Maniac,

Never herd of it but I am going to look next trip to the parts store, Hope its available up here!
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Loctite make a freeze shock pentrating oil....
Mr. Manic,

Where do you buy this stuff? Only place I can find it is some place in Texas. Shipping doubles the price. Sure wish I'd heard about this a couple weeks ago.


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Baldwin...almost any auto parts place should have something similar.

I guess it might work in the right situation..but I used almost a whole can on some suspension bolts and still wound up using a breaker bar and my right leg to get them free.

I though next time I might heat it some (not red hot), then hit it with the spray.

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