1992 dodge a/c


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1992 dodge a/c

hello my truck's a/c runs for about 1 minute, turns off for about 30 seconds. it has a pattern of doing this. I don't know what the problem could be. thief of a mechanic charged me 100 dollars to tell me that it was a faulty a/c and that it was gonna go out in a week, this was 3 mos ago.
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Sounds like it is low in refrigerant to me. Have a knowledgable and honest mechanic put the gauges on the system and check the charge.
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Twister's Right rapid cycling is more than likely a low charge senario. It can also be caused by a restriction in the condensor,but without knowing if you have a full charge or not it's hard to tell being the age it is if it hasn't been updated to r134 you might be hard pressed to find someone to do an
R12 service for a reasonable rate the EPA and gov regs are pretty strict the licence to even get r12 in my state is 12 grand and the r12 isn't cheap either. A conversion can be done but you will have to replace your dryer/accumulator and flush the whole system out R12 oils and R134 don't mix. The flush soivent in my state is about 50 bucks for 16 oz. Good Luck
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Just for reference, A high side restriction on an early dodge will NOT cycle a compressor. the head pressure will build and the system will Burp thru the pressure relief. If it doesnt burp, it will either "Hydrolock" / pressure Lock the compressor or rupture a hose.

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