2000 Buick Park Avenue Transmission question


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2000 Buick Park Avenue Transmission question

I have a Buick question if you don't mind. I have a 2000 Buick Park Avenue with approx. 127,000 miles on it.

I have noticed this past week that sometimes when I have it in drive and accelerate to move from a stopped position, it will move and there is a slight hesitation in the transmission or I guess like a small dead spot, but once it passes this, it goes down the road without problem.

The problem is not constant, but intermittent for now. There is really not not any noise in the transmission that I can detect and it seems to shift smooth other wise. I guess you could say that when it happens, it feels like the transmission is momentarily disengaged.

Could it be a switch, band or fluid issue? Any help you might be able to give me would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Duane Gordon
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I have the same little glitch in the tranny on my wrecker (mine does it all the time), but I know it's not serious because I had to have some internal work done recently and it did it before and after the work so I just ignore it.

In your case, probably a good idea to investigate. For starters I would have a fluid & filter change if it hasn't been done recently (this will probably start a discussion about flushing, so I'll go on record as saying skip the flush) and have it scanned for codes.
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buick trans

I agree with Tow change the fluid and filter, I would also add Lube Guard to it. I had a Buick that would act up at 60K till you changed the fluid then it was good for another 60K.
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The three replies I received all suggest changing the fluid and filter. I'm ok trying this as I do not know if the dealer I purchased the car from changed the filter or just the fluid only which has been about 28,000 miles ago. Is this something I can do myself or is it best to take it to a shop? If I can do this myself, I would rather, but do not have any instructions as to the amount of fluid I need or anything else that I may need to know.

It was also suggested that I may have a pressure issue & could be a pressure control solenoid. If so, is this something that is outside the transmission and could be replaced or is it best to have it scanned to determine this?

Thanks to all, I appreciate your comments!

Duane Gordon
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the trans in your car is a 65te trans, there know for shifting problems and hesitations, 80% of the time the pressure control solenoid or debri in the valve body causes this, debri which can only be cleaned by removing and cleaning the valve body bores, i usually replace them both. if you can get your hand on a trans pressure gauge this is the best way to test this. check for dtc's this problem usually comes with a dtc p1811 maxium adapt shift code

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