adjust rear brakes


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adjust rear brakes

Corolla 2007
To adjust rear brakes years ago, I used to use a screwdriver or adjusting spoon and turn a geared wheel until I felt a drag on the raised tire.
Agfer both wheels, I then adjusted the emergency brake by turning a nut underneath on an equalizer cable until there was a five click pull on the handle.
Is it still the same as mine has 20,000 and altho the front pads are good they are doing all the work?
Thank you
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Most front wheel drive cars the front brakes do 80 to 90 % of the stopping.
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I braked going backwards and pullled the emegemcy brake handle several times and the pedal is higher.
maybe the auto adjusters worked.
Around 30K I'll see about a brake job; I don't think a first time one will need rotors or drums replaced, just turned.
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brake job?

I really doubt you need a brake job Toyota corolla brakes last a very very long time because one the car is light and two it is a toyota.
My 05 Highlander still had 60% left at 60k miles. I took it in to Napa for brakes and they told me I really did not need them right now so they just adjusted the park brake 45 bucks or so.
I would stay clear of big chain brake stores they will sell you a new brake system and soak you for big money even if you have no brake problems.
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Thank you for the input. I'm glad you are also a Toyota fan.
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1999 Corolla

I went to NAPA for rear shoes and they asked me what the manufacture date was on the door panel. I had no idea because the car was in pieces at home. So I went to another auto store and they did not ask me that question. So I purchased the shoes and went home to install them. The "C" or "E" clip (whatever it was) was a pain to remove. I finally got it off and proceeded to change the shoes. When I was finished, not only was it a hassle to do, but the clip was a pain to get back on, as it was distorted, mangled, and in rough shape. I managed to get it on so it looked like it would stay. I adjusted the "star nut" enough to slip the drum on, but that was obviously not enough. I proceeded to drive backwards for several hundred feet while slamming on the brakes, hoping the "self-adjusters" would do the trick. Well, I don't think they did because there is a lot of "play" in the parking brake handle. I guess I will have to get under my Toyota and manually adjust them. By the way, I don't care what anybody says about a Toyota, they are the best built cars (along with Honda) by far. I think the government is making a bigger deal out of all this than there are "real" problems!!!
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I am reluctant to reply. I think to do brakes, you should have the right parts and the skill to do them and the job should come out ok. Times have changed and skilled are required that were not required to this degree, even brakes.
I have had several issues since my first post which range from the retorquing the drive shaftwhich i found from toyota of USA is a misprint -they never told millions of people who are getting work done for nothing. My dealer wanted $140 to retorque what was a misprint in the maintenance schedule.
Then there is the new pleated oil filter and so on.
To each his own but I cannot go back to Toyota altho was with them for years. I think things changed when the came into the states.
In fairness to them though, I don't know where to go because with this world economy and all everybody is short changing the other guy.
Sorry about your brakes and I do hope you can get out of your woes with the least damage done.

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