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Every time i try to ask a question on this forum,
It comes back saying that I'm not logged in.

Let's try this one.

I have a 1987 Cadillac with the 134a system.
New orifice tube. Vacumed the system for two hours.
Ambient temp 85-90

40 psi low side 200 psi hi side

Accumulator can is warm, low line to evaporator warm

The line on the evaporator side of the orifice tube
is very cold. The high line is very hot as it passes the orifice

I closed the heater line manually. No heat going to the dash.

Radiator fans working fine.

Why is there no cold air coming thru the dash vents?


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You have a blend door that isnt closing....

Pressures are almost perfect for ambient temp.....So you may rule out the compressor, condenser , evap, and Expansion tube.?????

Unless someone put the tube in backwards....("Sock" goes toward evaporator) there is no reason why it shouldnt get cold.....

If memory serves correctly, you have a programmer control under the right side of the dash behind the Glovebox ....Check vacuum supply to the controller.....Other than that,the rest of the diagnosis should be left to Qualified Techs, since probing , prodding and poking at sensitive electronic equipment can be very costly.

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