Brand new battery is being drained 97 explorer


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Brand new battery is being drained 97 explorer

I have a '97 ford explorer that I had parked in my driveway for a few years. It had no problems to my recollection prior to being parked. I put a new battery in it, and allowed it to acclimate itself(for a week or two) and than I started to drive it. It drove just fine but the battery was registering low. had the battery checked and it's fine. I had it charged and re-installed. It still registers as low. I was not leaving anything on when the car was parked. Finally it cut off on me one day. Had it towed home. Again checked the battery, it's fine. I changed the neg. terminal (which broke when taking out the battery)and reconnected it. The car has power, for sure, BUT... Now the key won't turn nor will the steering wheel. So...I changed a burned out fog light, burned out instrument gauge lights and replaced a few fuses (which seemed to be fine but looked old) . I also unplugged the radio. It wasn't working anyway, but the dial/buttons were lit up. Why won't the key turn? Any ideas on why the battery was draining? Could it be the starter? if so, how do I change it and where is it located? I swear I can't find it. ( I think the altenator is fine)

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If the battery is not staying charged, it is not your starter. More likely the alternator. Your battery can sometimes keep you going for a couple of days, no night driving, and then you die because the alternator is not adding any or enough to the battery. A quick stop at any battery shop and they can test both the battery and the alternator. Double check all connections from battery to alternator to ground.

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Thank You, I'll check it out
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You might want to check the belt for snugness too.

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