Radiator Damage 98 Jag XJR Repair/Sell for Parts?


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Radiator Damage 98 Jag XJR Repair/Sell for Parts?

I was in a front end collision that looks quite minor, but I pushed my radiator back and bent some cooling necessities. I am being quoted 3-4000 to repair just the radiator, nothing else that may be wrong. Is this a fair quote? I was also told that an alternative to fixing it would be to sell it for parts and possibly make more money than I spent on it, then buy another. Is this feasible? Once again this is a 1998 Black Jaguar XJR.
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expensive cars require expensive repairs, all the parts for your car must be imported so they are more expensive. If you sell your car for parts, and make enough to buy another car that would be a good deal in my book. I do not know much about Jags, but the swap parts for another similar car idea almost never works with American cars.

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