P0440 code on '04 Intrepid. Help!


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P0440 code on '04 Intrepid. Help!

I am getting this fault code on my intrepid and this is such a generic code that there are several problems it could be and I don't want to 1) pay for labor by taking it to a shop or 2) keep doing guess and check work by replacing something and it not fixing the issue. So far, I have replaced the speed sensors and had the tranny flushed...I know these dont exactly relate to what the code says, but I did it anyway cuz I had other codes that are now cleared.

Anyway, after reading a TON of forums and posts online, I have yet to come to a decisive fix, but I did see a lot of this code coming up due to a purge solenoid being bad. I bought this part today (no returns) and will be putting it on tonight to see if the code comes back. If not, Im assuming the purge valve is next.....then after that, probably a smoke test to find a possible leak in the vacuum system. If anybody has experience with this code, can you please fill me in so I can get this straightened out....here is the actual problem with my car:

Simply put, at any random time, I will be pressing the gas and get no accelaration....sometimes to the tune of 3500-4000 RPMS before it shifts hard for the first time.....while the pedal is to the floor, I am going about 20MPH and that stinks. So here I am, seeking your help. I will check in later to see if I am on the right track.

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PO 440 is an evaporative emmissions code for a leak in the "Purge" system....Just an opinion, but it will NOT be related to your driveability concerns.....A vacuum leak big enough to cause those symptoms would have other DTC's attatched .

First thought from reading your post is a Plugged Converter...Which can cause excessive backpressure, which in turn causes LOW vacuum, which will manifest itself as poor "Purge " capabilities.

Not to discourage the DIY community, but spending two dollars to save a buck is hardly a bargain....The parts and services you have already put into the vehicle , without fixing your problem, would have paid for 2 diagnosis sessions. ...JUST THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MINUTE....

If my suspicions are correct.... and the vehicle has less than 80k... The converters are covered under FEDERAL Emissions warranty, and at worst, they would only cost you a deductible to replace....
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When my Bronco II ran like that it was the fuel pressure regulator.
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po44o is a system malfunction in the evap system, possible causes is a leaking system,(gas cap, hose,ect) or electrical concern like a purge solenoid or nvld assembly, this system is a natural vacuum leak detection system that checks vacuum decay to evaluate the system sealing capabilites , the most common thing i come across it the nlvd assembly or nlvd pump, this system is hard to diagnose with out a scan tool or smoke machine, but it can be done, first step would be to look for major leak sources in the system

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