Chrysler 300 18" Wheel Repair


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Chrysler 300 18" Wheel Repair

I sent in a thread last March after my wife hit a road hazard with her 2007 Chrysler 300 (9 spoke alloy wheels with chromed plastic fastened to the spokes) Searches for someone willing to repair this wheel in a 3 states were unsuccessful, so I bought a new wheel. Now I have the old wheel off where I can see what I have without pressure from the wife. The rim damage is small and ugly but not what I would call unrepairable if I could heat up the dent a bit without melting the plastic. (the plastic near the dent is UNDAMAGED) the alloy kind of rolls up next to the plastic near one spoke Does anyone know how this plastic spoke cover was fastened to the alloy part of the wheel? It looks like some small metal tabs are holding it in place in the lug nut area, but I cannot see what is holding it on toward the outside of the wheel. I figure it would be a disaster if I tried to bump it a bit cold too. This wheel never lost air, and never lost its balance, and I can use it mounting a snow tire, but this small dent really bugs me.

Thanks for your comments in advance!

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Alloy wheels can not be repaired they will break at the attempt it my be annoying but if you didn't have any leaking issues I would not worry to much about it for snow tire use.The trim plate can't be removed without ruining the plate either, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but thats the price you pay on those 17" and above wheels. Maybe the aftermarket will come up with something but there will have to be a demand for it that I just don't see why would they come up with anything when the popular demand is for "bling"
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Alloy wheels can indeed be repaired. I had one that had a pretty large bent section on the rim and bead. Wouldn't hold air. Amazing what hitting a 4x4 laying on the road at 80mph will do. Closest place for me was in Phoenix, repair incl FedEx shipping was right at $98. Came back in 3 days, couldn't even tell it had been damaged.

All manufacturers recommend against it. But almost $200 and a 3-4 week wait..or $98 and 3 days.

Now mine was a 16" wheel..don't know if that made a difference in cost or possibility of repair.
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Alloy Wheel repair

I could repair this wheel, if I could heat it without melting the plastic chrome insert. The trick is removing the insert. I called one of the nationwide repair guys and he didnt even want to look at it when I told him about the plastic chrome piece. I've been told that certain things are unrepairable before, until I found the right person....Thanks for the replies... I will hunt up this post when I can share some success..
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Heating aluminum alloy rims above 400F will soften the alloy with a corresponding loss in strength. This is a dangerous thing to do.

There have been stories of people who powder coated their wheels, and baking the powder coat caused the wheels to lose strength to the point that the wheels warped under load and had a bad wobble to them.
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Welding Alloy Rims

I do not doubt that a bit. I was looking at a remanufacutured alloy wheel at a body shop that is going to attempt to repair my wheel, that looked brand new. SOMEBODY knows how to heat and re shape these alloys safely. I will know soon whether I have found them or not.
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Not sure where you are located, but I've had a few of my 18" rims repaired from the horrible pot holes here in Oklahoma. The only place that does this type of work was pretty close to me surprisingly. They did a great job too.

Wheel Connection - Alloy Wheel Repair and Refinishing
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Chrysler Wheel Repair

thank you for the lead. I will call them to see if they are interested in taking a shot at this one.

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