Squeaky Belt - Mazda Truck


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Squeaky Belt - Mazda Truck

I have a 2003 Mazda B3000 pickup truck (almost the same truck as the Ford Ranger) that occasionally has an squeaky belt. The squeak only happens when it is humid out, especially after it rains. On dry days, there is no squeak at all. At one point I got some belt dressing, but that just made it worse and constant.
It has been going on for a couple years now and I've just been living with it since it doesn't cause any performance issues. I'm just curious if this is a common problem with an easy fix. The belts all look fine in terms of damage...no cracking.
2003 Mazda B3000 - Dual Sport Model - Automatic - V6 - 2WD - Approx. 80,000 miles.
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Belt dressing on a surp belt is not a good idea (the reason it got worse) It makes the material they are made of "gooey" and they won't perform as intended.Since it only seems to be happening in damp or wet conditions you probabaly have a shield missing or leaking getting the belt wet causing slippage and your squeal the seconed possibilty is a weak alt or ps pump that is making the noise I'd replace the belt first and see if that cures it since you put dressing on it and its been doing it for 2 years even if they appear to look good they can still be bad on the groove side or the back side.
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If you have power steering,, I bet if you press the power steering pulley on a bit more, the noise will go away...Ford had a service bulliten on these several years ago & I've fixed lots by doing this... The pulleys arent exactly lined up,,,,, Roger
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If you have put belt dressing on it.... take it directly to the trash and THROW IT AWAY!

My suggestion having been down this road a few times:

Remove the old belt and clean all of your pulleys with brake cleaner. Go to the parts store and ask for a Goodyear poly V Gatorback belt...I guarantee the squeek will go away.

The Gatorback IMO is the best and quietest belt on the market and warranted for life even against squeeking! It has a unique design like no other that I have seen and I have never heard one squeek!

Go to this link: GoodyearŽ Engineered Products :: Gatorback? Poly-V Serpentine Belts With Quiet Channel Technology

click on parts catalog and type in you vehicle to get a part number. Notice the inside of the belt in the picture, that is what makes it unique and makes it work. I personally would buy no other and I have recommended them to all of my friends who also have had great luck with them.
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Before you install the new serpentine belt, do yourself a favor and "scrub" the contact surfaces of the pulley only (not the grooves, not the belt) with an 1000+ super-super fine sandpaper before finishing off with the brake cleaner. This will remove any "glaze" that may have built up and restore the friction surfaces to original to prevent slipping of the belt over it (which causes the squealing). This also works very with the older Vee belts/pulleys but a coarser grade sandpaper can be used on both belt and pulley.

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