brakes squeek until applied


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brakes squeek until applied

I have 1996 honda accord and i hear a squeeking sound from the right front tire. I only hear the sound when I turn the tire to the right and at low speeds. The sound stops when I apply the brakes. I'm wondering if I have a loose pad od do I have a bigger problem?
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Take the tire off and check the pads it sounds like you might have pad seporation going on it is more common in states where salt alternitives are use on the roads during the winter. The stuff gets between the pad and base plate and the resulting rust seporates the pad from the plate.This is something not to be ignored if the pad comes off completly you will have a loss of braking and tear up the rotor in the process
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Sounds like you just need your brake pads replaced. When they wear too low it causes a metal indicator to squeak. This is on purpose to let you know your brakes need changing. Simple and relatively cheap, and it needs to be done for safety reasons.

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